What is CPM's Aims and Objectives

To build a society based on Biblical, Political, Social and Economic democracy. ​

We strive to unite South Africans from all communities irrespective of their class, gender, religion and race in a new political movement built on Biblical Foundations and Principles and ideals of the South African Constitution, inspired by our love of God and His creation. ​

We seek to challenge all inequalities of power and wealth in society through the empowerment of ordinary people.

We strive for social and economic justice, where everyone has a guaranteed standard of security and well being, and fair opportunity to develop their personal and social selves and to participate in the economic, social and cultural life of the Rainbow Nation in conditions of freedom, solidarity, justice, education, economic security and equality.

To contend and attain the majority in the leadership of the government of the Republic of South Africa through the democratic process that are in place.

To ensure that all South Africans enjoy a competent government where our best leaders are placed in areas where they can contribute effectively to the government and a better South Africa for all