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The Vision

  1. By the Founding Apostles is a means for Christians and other people to organise themselves politically, to combat squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and corruption in all spheres of government, communities and business world.
  2. We believe that despite South Africa’s economic and mineral wealth and being a democratic state, racial hatred and tensions still exist and many of South Africa’s citizens continue to experience from early age, major inequalities in education, wealth, health, justice and life opportunities.
  3. Various inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, and political affiliation and influences are denying the people of South Africa the quality and freedom to which they are entitled to in their daily lives.
  4. We are a political movement of democratic individuals from all walks of life, who are bound by our constitution in our commitment to social and economic justice.
  5. To work together with all stakeholders and other political parties to rebuild South Africa as a united nation under God, committed to and inseparable from the international community – contributing to sustainable development, solidarity and mutual respect among people, eradication of poverty, and corruption at all spheres of government
  6. Protection of children’s rights and observance of international legal commitments and participative approach to local and international relations and peace between countries.

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